Policy and Procedures

All information within the Western Pacific Cruise Calendar has been provided by the event, product, or vendor representatives.  

The Western Pacific Cruise Calendar website tries to keep accurate information but is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information supplied by external sources.  We do fact check, when possible, to provide the best experience using our website.

The Western Pacific Cruise Calendar is a source to provide information for events, clubs, and retailers.  

The Western Pacific Cruise Calendar is built to support and celebrate all forms of our amazing automotive culture.

Privacy Policy

The Western Pacific Cruise Calendar believes strongly in fundamental privacy rights and that those fundamental rights should not differ depending on where you live in  the world. 

This means that data which directly identifies you — such as your name — is personal data, and data that does not directly identify you, but that can reasonably be used to identify you will not be shared with any external source.

When using external links we provide such as club websites, social media, you do leave our website to view and or use these providers.  External links will have their own privacy policies.

The Western Pacific Cruise Calendar does not require any sign up or sign in with personal information to be provided for use of the website.

Stay safe, see you on the road!